Make Your Kitchen More Elegant with a White Design Scheme

To most people, the shade of white is associated with purity, elegance and simplicity. In the design world, white is often used to accentuate and highlight specific pieces of furniture and colourful accents in the room. When you add a white kitchen design in the form of cabinets, shelves and islands, you achieve all the symbolic and practical association with the shade of white. 

Hygienic Benefits

A white kitchen design represents purity and precision in the preparation of foods. It highlights the care you take in preserving the hygiene of both the kitchen environment and the food itself. The design assures family members and guests to your kitchen that this is a place that values the safe and hygienic elements of fine cuisine preparation. 

Having white cabinets and fixtures also makes cleaning less of a guessing game and more of a certainty. Soiled areas stand out on white surfaces, making them easier to see and clean thoroughly.   


Kitchen Practicality

Having white fixtures also adds to a kitchen’s practicality and its décor. A white kitchen tends to make bowls of brightly coloured vegetables and fruits dishes look more fresh and tasty. This adds to the dining and socialising experience in the kitchen. When fresh food aromas are added, it can present a holistic image of everything elegant and enjoyable about preparing food for loved ones and friends. 

Colourful, ripe ingredients and finished dishes cooling on countertops are what tends to draw a crowd of guests. Being able to show them off against white background simply accentuates the healthy appeal of your kitchen. The brightness factor of white can also make the kitchen a welcome place to gather and socialise.

The colour white also makes a small kitchen seem bigger, or one that doesn’t have access to natural light seem brighter. The greater the expanse of white, the more noticeable the effect. 

Part of Your Lifestyle

Most busy and active families congregate in the kitchen at some point in the day. You can always tell the warmth and value of a family kitchen by looking at the refrigerator door. School schedules, shopping lists, appointment reminders, and mementoes from past holidays are the decorations of refrigerators.


But the other walls of the kitchen are often decorated with the artistic contributions of family members as well. Whether found at flea markets or made by the children in art class, this art is cherished by the family and the most fitting place for it is often unanimously chosen to be the kitchen. 

A white design scheme serves to make all this collected art ‘pop’. It also makes the kitchen seem less like just a room in the house and more like the heart of the home. 

Contact Kvik in Thailand to see all the white kitchen design schemes they have. You may just find one that accentuates everything warm, colourful and perfect about your family’s life.