B.Grimm – AltoTech won “The Best Performance ARI Tech Startup Award” from National Innovation Agency

BANGKOK, September 30, 2021:  B.Grimm, in close collaboration with AltoTech, an AI-based energy management platform provider, won The Best Performance ARI Tech Startup Award at the National Innovation Agency’s Deep Tech Incubation Program@EEC.

Since March 2021, B.Grimm joined the “NIA Deep Tech Incubation Program@EEC”, a joint collaboration project between the National Innovation Agency (NIA) and leading organizations as part of the company’s strategy in seeking a partnership with an ARI-tech (AI, robotics, and immersive IoT) startup to help us solve complex business challenges.

More than 100 startups had registered to join the programme, with the top 10 selected by NIA to be matched with corporate partners. AltoTech was matched with B.Grimm to solve energy optimization problems for industrial businesses with AI and IoT solutions.

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B.Grimm’s Garden Wing, an office building at the company’s headquarters on Krungthep Kreetha Road, was selected as a location to develop the Proof of Concept. During the past few months, AltoTech investigated the building’s infrastructure, energy usage, and electrical equipment. Consequently, they proposed an energy optimization solution with the installation of smart sensors and IoT equipments, together with an AI platform ‘Alto Energy Edge’ that creates a self-driven building environment able to do the following:

  • Automated blind control according to the ambient light outside the building
  • AI-enabled automated air-conditioner control that can adjust the temperature according to the number of people present, corresponding heat load, and tenants’ comfort level through a feedback system
  • Automated fresh air unit control according to the level of carbon dioxide inside the building
  • Real-time energy monitoring, connected with the solar system to check the power usage and power generation. This information is used to calculate on how to utilize green energy from solar system in the most efficient way
  • AI-enabled automated monitoring and control of electrical equipment
  • Smart evaluation of weather status and forecast, used to adjust energy usage inside the building
  • Energy audit through Digital Twin

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Fabrice Goetschmann, President of B.Grimm Industrial Businesses, stated that, “B.Grimm is very pleased to partner with NIA and AltoTech in supporting AI and IoT technologies for Thailand. AltoTech’s innovation aligns perfectly with B.Grimm’s growth strategy centered on digital technology to optimize energy and reduce environmental impact, following B.Grimm’s corporate philosophy of ‘Doing business with compassion for the development of civilisation in harmony with nature’. 

“B.Grimm’s industrial businesses are also offering energy-efficient and healthy living solutions comprising sustainable power generation, power optimization, energy-saving insulated facades, and highly-efficient air-conditioning and lighting systems. This is complemented by B.Grimm’s healthy indoor environment offering, which consists of a built-in pathogen removal system for PM2.5 and virus particles, a biometric access control system, and an IoT-based building management system. AI-enabled energy optimization platform from AltoTech is another step to continuously provide the latest technology in terms of energy-efficient and healthy living solutions,” he explained.



Warodom Khamphanchai, CEO of AltoTech, added, “In collaboration with B.Grimm, we had successfully installed smart sensors, IoT equipment, and an AI platform in the Garden Wing building, projected to save up to 28% of electricity per year. The tenants can also give their feedback to the AI platform through QR code system via smartphone, which allows AI to continuously learn to optimize energy, while maintaining the comfort level in the building. We presented the success of our project during NIA’s Demo Day and won The Best Performance ARI Tech Startup Award. We would like to thank B.Grimm and NIA for their strong and continuous support throughout this program.” 

B.Grimm aims to develop new business ventures with digital innovation such as IoT in correspondence with the growing needs in the market. After this project, B.Grimm and AltoTech further have a collaborative project to develop AI and IoT solutions focusing on energy optimization and strategically expand across industries.

For more information, visit https://bgrimmgroup.com/ and https://altotech.net/