Using the Leadership Framework to Manage Effectively

How to Manage Effectively Using the Leadership Framework

Whether you have been in a management role for decades already or are a fresh set of eyes to a new role, it is essential that you keep a growth mindset and are looking for ways to improve your work, in addition to setting the example for your team to continue learning and building upon their knowledge as well. In the process of looking to improve upon your management skills, you have certainly encountered many different leadership frameworks

A leadership framework helps you to have a set, researched approach toward handling your management challenges and organizing your team. They can be very useful, but it can be difficult sometimes to determine the best way to put a researched leadership framework into practice in your own workplace, especially if trying a new framework will significantly change the way you work with or communicate with your team members. This article will help you with implementation by giving you some key tips on how to use a new leadership framework effectively.

Do Research & Get Training


The first step to implementing a new leadership framework is to understand the details of the new approach inside and out. This can sometimes be achieved through quality independent research, but frequently can be done more effectively through an expert training session on the leadership style. It can be especially useful to have an expert source of knowledge on the new leadership framework who you can direct any questions to. Personal research will also be necessary before implementing to make sure the new framework will actually be an improvement upon current approaches in your organization.

Set Achievable Goals & Transitions

The next step in implementing a new leadership framework in your company is to set some achievable goals for how your transition will work. Ask yourself if it would be best to jump directly into new changes or if some transition time will be more appropriate to give people time to get used to new approaches and policies. Much of this will be determined by the specific framework in question and how changes in leadership approaches will affect the efficiency of your team’s work.  

Communicate New Process to Your Team


In order for your team to effectively continue working, adjust to your new management style, and fully understand what changes will be happening, you will need to communicate your new goals to the team. You need to be sure in your communications that you are open, able to answer questions, and give the team enough process/transition time to feel comfortable with new changes. Keep in mind that the implementation of a new leadership framework will be just as much of a challenge for your team as it will be for you. 

Stay Consistent And Re-Evaluate

After you’ve begun implementation of your new leadership framework, be sure that you regularly evaluate how it is going and adjust it if necessary. Make sure to record your own notes on how you think it’s going as well as get feedback from your team on how it make be better or worse than previous approaches.