A Rooftop Bar Near Chidlom Offers the Perfect End to the Day

A Rooftop Bar Near Chidlom Provides a Perfect End to the Day

The Chidlom area of Bangkok offers some of the best shopping in the city. It’s convenient with a busy BTS station serving the neighbourhood, and it has many shopping malls in and around the area to browse through. For shopaholics, the area can be a shopper’s dream. 

But at the end of a busy shopping day, few things can compare to finding a rooftop bar near Chidlom, relaxing with a cold drink, and watching the sunset over the buildings of Bangkok.  

Perfect Place to Meet Friends


Shopping with a group of your friends can be problematic. Rarely is everyone interested in shopping for exactly the same thing. What starts as a fun group activity can end up splintering into several factions as different people tend to grow more interested in shopping for their own interests. You end up spending more time texting or calling each other to find out where everybody is than actually enjoying the group shopping experience. 

Choosing a place to all meet up again at the end of the shopping day can be the best answer to the problems of group shopping. And meeting at a rooftop bar that offers a complete break from the shopping atmosphere may be the best choice of all. 

A rooftop bar offers a place to rest your feet, enjoy your favourite drink, and share stories of finding the bargain of the day. It’s a place to unwind in the fresh air, make dinner plans, and watch the sunset. 

Rooftop Bars are Becoming Popular

More and more rooftop bars are beginning to appear in Bangkok. There is something about their location amid all the skyscrapers of Bangkok that attracts people. They can serve as the perfect, convenient hang-out spot for office colleagues to meet at the end of a busy workday.  

For weary sales clerks and shop-owners, they can offer a much-needed oasis from pushy and demanding customers and a respite from the pressures of the retail business. Listening to the sounds of the streets below and gazing around at the buildings as the setting sun turns them golden colours relaxes people. 


It seems that the busier the businesses, shops and stores are in the bar’s neighbourhood, the more appreciated the bar is. This is why it’s the ideal place to meet with a group of friends. A rooftop bar should offer good music, great drinks and snacks. But above all else, the bar should offer an utterly relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. A rooftop bar should seem like a comfortable island in the middle of the city where you’re always welcome.

Visit ‘them’ Bar on the Rooftop of Mercuryville

To see and feel the magic of the classic Bangkok rooftop bar in, visit one of the best. ‘them’ bar on the rooftop of the Mercuryville shopping centre in Chidlom offers all the requirements of a great Bangkok rooftop bar. It’s located right in the middle of one of the most vibrant shopping areas in the city and offers an oasis-like atmosphere, in addition to great food, drinks and music. Make it your favourite place to meet after a day of shopping with your friends.