TAT and Huawei Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT FOR SMART TOURISM,” Promoting Innovative Tourism Through 5G Networks

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This morning (8 August 2022), Mr. Napintorn Srisunpang, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sports, presided over the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT FOR SMART TOURISM” between the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), led by TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, and Huawei Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., led by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Abel Deng and witnessed by Vice President of Huawei Asia Pacific Mr. Jun Zhang. This MOU will help promote Thai tourism industry through advanced technologies from Huawei, including 5G, Cloud, AI and AR/VR, in order to develop a Smart Digital Tourism Platform and a new tourism ecosystem. 

 “According to Thailand’s 20-year National Strategy (2018-2037), tourism will play a pivotal role for the country’s sustainable development. As we aim to elevate the tourism industry and increase competitive advantages in the market, it is important to bring in innovative technologies to drive tourism. I am pleased that Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will take this opportunity to help drive Thai tourism through 5G technology support by applying new applications, multimedia and services that emerge from the future of high-speed networks to promote tourism marketing. We also aim to expand the tourism market and deliver ‘Meaningful Travel’ that will make Thai and foreign tourists aware of Thai tourism products and services.” said Mr. Napintorn Srisanpang, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sports.


 “As the main government agency who helps to promote Thai tourism under the TAT Corporate Plan 2023-2027 – ‘TAT is the strategic leader in driving Thailand toward experience-based and sustainable tourism’ – we aim to promote capabilities and innovative potential to drive the tourism ecosystem to be able to support tourists in a sustainable way. We have also developed the supply chain (Shape supply) and are driving the ‘Thrive for Excellence’ strategy with the aim of becoming a ‘Data Driven Organization’.” announced Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of TAT.

To increase capabilities, elevate the tourism industry with innovative technologies and promote strategic markets – both in the domestic and Chinese tourism markets – TAT and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. signed an MOU for “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT FOR SMART TOURISM” that will be effective for 1 year from the signing date. This cooperation will create a digital alliance network that enables skill and expertise exchanges to help elevate technology and innovation for the tourism industry. It also supports technological developments such as 5G, Cloud, AI and AR/VR  for tourism, which will drive digital transformation across the tourism industry. In addition, TAT and Huawei are preparing to implement the ‘Amazing THAILAND is just a phone call away’ project, for which TAT will create a ‘Video Ring back Tone’, a call-waiting video showcasing the beauty of Thai tourist attractions, culture, food and traditions to promote Thai tourism internationally through Thai 5G users using Huawei’s 5G as well as Huawei’s partner networks. Users will be able to download videos and images, free of charge.

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Mr. Abel Deng, Chief Executive Officer, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said “Digital technologies are reshaping the world, and digital transformation has entered a golden age. Looking into the future, Huawei is committed to leveraging advanced technologies to heighten TAT’s position as the strategic leader driving Thailand towards being a world-class tourism destination.”

In addition, both organizations have made a joint effort to bring 5G innovative technologies to stimulate Thai tourism through live broadcasting by highlighting stunning viewpoints at Thailand’s tourist attractions in real time on HUAWEI’s 5G network via TAT’s online media channels, including the ‘Amazing Thailand’ YouTube channel and ‘Amazing Thailand’ application, as well as through various online channels of strategic partners. 


        As a part of corporation, TAT will also host a field trip for  young contestants from the ‘Seeds for The Future’ program at Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram and Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkalaram on 20 August 2022. This is Huawei’s largest-ever regional onsite Seeds for the Future event, which will gather 114 top students from 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region for a 9-day digital camp in Thailand from Aug 19 to Aug 27. 

        Seeds for the Future was first launched in Thailand in 2008. By the end of 2021, the program has been implemented in 150 countries and regions, reaching 12,000 students from over 500 universities. Through this program, TAT aims to deliver a new tourism experience that is more meaningful and memorable during this year’s regional event.

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