MBM Metalworks reached facade lighting solution deal with The Forestias North Plot to integrate ecosystem with diverse range of lifestyles

BANGKOK, October 2022: MBM Metalworks Limited, a specialist in facade and envelope systems will be providing a complete facade lighting solution to The Forestias North Plot project under The Forestias, Thailand’s largest mixed-use development project by MQDC.

MBM in collaboration with B.Grimm Trading will offer one stop facade and lighting solutions covering services and support in design, manufacturing, installation, through maintenance for a smooth and seamless experience. Customers can save time, money, and hassle of contacting multiple suppliers whilst being delivered high quality products with German engineering technology.

Mr. Arnon Harnburanaphong, Managing Director of MBM Metalworks, said “In general, facade lighting work is faced with overlapping installation given the two teams coming from different suppliers and performing works independently. As a result, the lighting team would find themselves unable to continue the task due to spec and design misalignments with the facade. In most cases, the duplicated efforts happen when there is no proper communication which results in the reworks, air and water leakage, causing increased costs and project delays. Recognizing the problems, MQDC is taking steps to prevent room for task overlap.

Under B.Grimm Group, MBM and B.Grimm Trading joined forces to offer a single comprehensive solution, providing professional advice and support in each key step of facade and lighting design, manufacturing, installation, to maintenance. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to fully practice quality control and assure high-quality, bespoke products. Customers can save money and considerable time and effort on duplicate work as we are the only point of contact they will ever need.”


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In addition, MBM also offers value engineering by cooperating with designers of The Forestias to propose the most optimal design option available – provide equal functionality with less expensive alternatives; or increase the value of the product without reducing costs. MBM expects to complete the facade lighting project by Q3 of 2023.


About The Forestias

The Forestias is the country’s largest mixed-use development worth over 120 billion baht. The 300-rai project comes with the concept “Imagine Happiness” featuring multiple residential components, commercial space for offices, sports complexes, etc. plus an extraordinary 30 rais for healthier and sustainable living.

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