The Permanent Secretary for Interior joins a discussion with International Finance Corporation (IFC)

The Permanent Secretary for Interior joins a discussion with International Finance Corporation (IFC), exchanging guidelines for the development of water management infrastructure and to provide quality water services to the people  coupled with environmental protection.

On 15 December 2022, at the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Interior, Mr. Suttipong Juljarern, Permanent Secretary for Interior, along with Dr. Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern, President of Ministry of Interior’s Ladies Association welcome the IFC delegation and discuss ways to support the implementation of the wastewater management cooperation initiatives.

Mr. Suttipong Juljarern, Permanent Secretary for Interior expressed his gratitude for IFC delegation for joining the Ministry of Interior to discuss and share operational information. It will be useful in driving the mission of the Ministry of Interior to treat the suffering, and nourish happiness. In terms of basic utility services, both in providing electricity and water management by the Ministry’s Authorities. At present, Thai people are bearing the burden of paying water service fees. This does not include wastewater management fees. Therefore, it is the duty of the government to bear the burden on such matters by the central budget to administer. In the future, if IFC can join to support in such areas, covering both in terms of water management and water distribution systems will be a good opportunity for Thai people to receive services that cover all areas.

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The Permanent Secretary for Interior further said that, in terms of wastewater management, the Ministry of Interior has set up two wastewater treatment frameworks, consisting of a central wastewater treatment system and sub-wastewater treatment system. Both will cover the industrial wastewater and household wastewater. The industrial sector can abide by the government’s legal measures to regulate the release of wastewater, but household wastewater is more difficult to regulate. The remedy is the wastewater treatment system that will cost about 30,000 baht/household. This will help preliminarily treat the water quality before releasing it into public water sources.

Ms. Jane (Yuan) Xu, Country Manager/Head of Mission for Myanmar and Thailand of International Finance Corporation said that the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a non-governmental international development agency within the World Bank Group’s network which provides support and advising government agencies in various countries around the world in implementing joint venture projects between the public and private sectors. IFC also promotes the role and potential of the private sector in investing in the country’s important infrastructure.  It also has expertise and experience in supporting government work in various areas, such as the implementation of joint venture projects with the private sector (Public Private Partnership: PPP).

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“Joint discussions with the Ministry of the Interior today has made us aware of the mission and duties of the Ministry of Interior in terms of infrastructure management that is beneficial to the Thai people. IFC will bring the knowledge and guidelines that we have learned today in working to promote roles and potential in various areas to support the future of development.” Said Ms. Jane (Yuan) Xu.


The Permanent Secretary for Interior added that today’s discussions provided useful information for overall water management. The Ministry of Interior intends to achieve good things by driving various activities on the basis of environmental conservation, and sincerely hope that in the future, there will be cooperation and support from international network partners to improve the quality of life of Thai people in communities across the country. This is to build a strong foundation that makes Thailand sustainable in all dimensions.” Mr. Suttipong said at the end.

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