GULF receives environmental governance award 2022 (green star – white flag) 

Gulf Group (GULF), represented by Mr. Smith Banomyong, Chief Operating Officer – Group Asset Management & Investment, has received environmental governance award for the GKP1 and GKP2 power plants from Dr.Veeris Ammarapala, Governor, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. The ceremony was held at the ballroom, Pullman King Power Hotel, Bangkok.

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Gulf Group (GULF) has received environmental governance awards and certificates from Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) as a result of GKP1 and GKP2 power plants’ best-in-class environmental governance practices, reflecting excellent environmental management including green area management, drainage systems, water and sewage management, air quality management, employee safety and health, as well as promoting the local economy and improving quality of life of communities surrounding the power plants. This reiterates the company’s social responsibility in every aspect.

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Since 2019, four power plants under Gulf Group, consisting of GVTP, GTS1, GTS 3, and GTS4, received environmental governance awards and certificates. This reaffirms the company’s commitment in efficient resource management to achieve best-in-class standards, while remaining socially and environmentally responsible in the area where the company operates.

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The environmental governance awards event is an initiative that aims to increase the community’s involvement in inspecting and supervising factories in industrial estates. The audit committee of the industrial estate is comprised of IEAT officials, community representatives, and local government agencies. Its purpose is to encourage factories in industrial estates to adopt environmental governance principles, and social responsibility in order to boost the confidence from all sectors as well as promote the sustainable growth of the industry and community.