How do Nasal sprays help ensure efficacy for common cold

P&G Health supports innovative research with the Chulalongkorn University Drug and Health Products Innovation Promotion Center, CU-D-HIP to test the efficacy and quality of nasal spray.

P&G Health, P&G Healthcare Business Division, announced a collaboration with the Chulalongkorn University Drug and Health Products Innovation Promotion Center (CU-D-HIP) for an innovative research to develop analytical method to test the efficacy of nasal spray in terms of nasal distribution visualization and deposition to the nose including a qualitative assessment of the delivery device. 

Many consumers in Thailand rely on Nasal Sprays for relief from common cold. There are many nasal spray products in the market which contain different ingredients, applications and delivery devices. This affects the technique of using to achieve consistent spray volume to patients  when using in the real practice to obtain the efficacy regarding results of clinical studies and recover from the disease accordingly.


Fabio Ucchino, General manager, P&G Health Thailand stated “At P&G Health, we are committed to providing trusted and quality products to Thai people by combining breakthrough science with deep patient and consumer understanding. We continue to work on developing new and improved products fuelled by research to drive superior clinical outcomes. As a leader/or one of the leaders in the nasal spray category, we are excited about this research collaboration with the CU-D-HIP and look forward to contributing towards enhancing the knowledge and capability of Thai researchers and educational institutions”.

Assistant Professor Narueporn Sutanthavibul, RPh, PhD, Head of Chulalongkorn University Drug and Health Products Innovation Promotion Center, CU-D-HIP stated “Chulalongkorn University Drug and Health Products Innovation Promotion Center or CU-D-HIP has equipment, laboratory and research from instructors who have the potential to develop further to the industrial level. Systematic drive and coordination with the private sector such as this collaboration with P&G Health will help to apply the research for commercialisation and further benefit to consumers.

Assistant Professor Varin Titapiwatanakunm RPh, PhD, Veerakiet Boonkanokwong RPh, PhD, Rutthapol Sritharadol RPh, PhD and Peerawut Korpongpanich Instructor department of pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy, faculty of pharmaceutical science, Chulalongkorn University stated “The research team has developed and applied a pharmacy students’ project to find a suitable analytical method for proving the quality of a nasal spray product, which is dosage form requiring both formulations, delivery devices and spray techniques to get the right amount of ingredient for patients. The information obtained from this research will help to create further use instruction of the product to patients.


The example of research outcomes showed the consistency of spray delivered more than 99% at the beginning, middle and end by more than 265 sprays or equivalent to 17 days in average. Moreover, the laboratory results revealed the good nasal distribution and nasal adhesion etc.

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