CP Foods Kicks Off a Nationwide Food Safety Culture Initiative

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is dedicated to delivering healthy and nutritious food that adheres to global quality and safety standards. As part of this commitment, the company is advancing the nationwide phase of the “CPF Food Safety & Quality Culture” project. The primary objective is to establish a profound culture of food quality and safety within its workforce, ultimately resulting in the creation of healthy food products that meet international quality and safety benchmarks. 

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Wilailuck Klodpeng, Acting Head of CP Foods’ Food Quality Assurance Department, emphasized the company’s resolute ambition of becoming the “Kitchen of the World.” This aspiration is fortified by an unwavering commitment to global food security. Reflecting this vision, CP Foods has unveiled its Quality Policy, outlining the strategic methodology that governs its operations. Furthermore, CP Foods is fervently engaged in enlightening its workforce on food quality and safety through the CP Foods Safety & Quality Culture project.

Launched in 2020 at the CP Foods Saraburi Chicken Processing Plant, the project has since been integrated into other business units within the company. At present, this initiative spans across 12 manufacturing plants, encompassing all 7 business sectors, with plans to extend coverage throughout the entire organization by 2025. 


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In an era where global sustainability takes precedence, the CP Foods Food Quality Assurance Department has seamlessly woven sustainability into every aspect of its strategy. We firmly believe that true sustainability can only be realized when every CP Foods employee collaborates to foster a culture and ethos centered around food quality and safety. This, in turn, amplifies the value of CP Foods products,” explained Mrs. Wilailuck. 

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CP Foods remains steadfast in its commitment to producing goods that align with legal regulations, customer expectations, stakeholder demands, and global quality and safety standards. With a comprehensive quality assurance system spanning the entire supply chain, CP Foods adheres to the belief that “the best raw materials yield superior quality products.”

In pursuit of this, the company actively enhances the quality of raw materials through the SME Supplier Development project. This program offers food quality and safety training to suppliers, avenues for process improvement consultancy, and the establishment of QA Expertise to elevate raw material proficiency. 

Embracing the shift towards Industry 4.0, with a focus on automation processes, CP Foods has introduced the QA Proactive project. Its primary objective is to address potential quality concerns early in the production process, particularly concentrating on the machinery involved. This initiative also incorporates the Quality Maintenance project, aimed at preventing production anomalies and achieving zero defects to ensure the production of sanitary and safe products. 


Collaborating with international experts, the Company has also developed product inspection kits that prioritize precision and efficiency. This initiative is designed to promptly address customer needs while maintaining product quality standards. 

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Furthermore, CP Foods has inaugurated the Sensory Evaluation Center, concurrently expanding the pool of certified and skilled personnel to cover all products. This step has been taken to ensure consistent taste, color, texture, flavor, and overall delight for customers. The Center aims to have 630 certified sensory evaluators by 2023.