“NocNoc for Business” Respond to the Needs of Entrepreneurs

“NocNoc for Business”, another business model that responds to the needs of entrepreneurs with one-stop service and also helps add long-term business partners to the brand.

NocNoc, Thailand’s home and living e-commerce platform, accelerates the B2B (Business-to-business) market by launching “NocNoc for Business” true inspiration to your business, another business model that can respond to the needs of entrepreneurs in all business groups, from small to large scale.

With “NocNoc for Business”, business entrepreneurs will get products and services to decorate the business according to their needs and in the style that is right for them as one-stop service. This comes along InspiRealtion Hub, a source of knowledge and ideas, that will help make designing a business easy.

NocNoc believes that “NocNoc for Business” will help raise the level of entrepreneurs to grow both in terms of sales and services that create greater satisfaction for business customers. This also means that NocNoc has acquired more long-term business partners.

Mr. Anupong Tasaduak, Chief Commercial Officer of BetterBe Marketplace Co., Ltd, or NocNoc, Thailand’s home and living e-commerce platform, revealed that the B2B market is a market that we are focusing on and want to expand our target customer base more widely because they are a group with a relatively high lifetime value.

Despite some difficulties, but with the trend of the economy and tourism sector growing steadily, during the first 7 months of 2023, the number of business operators increased from the same period in 2022 to 71.45%, accounted for 7.94% of the total number of businesses, especially the real estate business that grew 2.09 times, including the hotel business, resorts, and condominiums that recovered accordingly.

This also includes the trend and behavior of B2B customers who are increasingly adapting to e-commerce, giving NocNoc the opportunity to access and offer online home products and services in a wider variety of formats to more B2B customers through “NocNoc for Business”.

“NocNoc for Business” is another marketing strategy designed to meet the different needs of entrepreneurs in various business groups, whether small or large, such as accommodation businesses, hotels, hostels, cafes, restaurants, spas, fitness centers, clinics, offices, pet businesses, photography studios, or even contractors looking for furniture, shop decorations, electrical appliances, industrial products, construction materials, and mechanic services, by offering quality products at cost-effective prices, and ‘the more you buy, the more worthwhile it is’, in order to decorate their own business to meet their service needs.

The 5 main factors that “NocNoc for Business” will help to really inspire the business of entrepreneurs to achieve their goals are:

  1. NocNoc InspiRealtion Hub : A source of knowledge that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business. Not only offering products and services to decorate businesses in various styles, but NocNoc is also a hub of knowledge that transfers experiences from experts through a variety of content and an activity called “NocNoc for Business Sharing to Inspire on Tour” to inspire and be a real inspiration for further business growth.
  2. Comprehensively answers the needs of every business : With a variety of over 500,000 SKUs ranging from furniture, decorations, electrical appliances, and construction materials, available in every style with the AI ​​system, whether minimalist, modern, loft or vintage.
  3. Complete mechanical and design services to suit the type of business : No matter what type of business, NocNoc can help design and select products to suit the type of business within a budget that can be determined.
  4. Special privileges with exclusive discount deals where the more you buy, the more worthwhile it is
  5. Convenient with delivery service throughout Thailand : Installation service with complete after-sales service where B2B customers can contact NocNoc directly to Request for Quotation on the platform immediately 24 hours a day.

Although reaching B2B customers is complicated and takes longer than B2C customers, but “NocNoc for Business” has received good feedback from entrepreneurs in various businesses who come to be partners with us in the long term.

They are both large operators, such as real estate project developers and hotels, who want to customize both products and services to decorate their businesses and other benefits to provide value for customers, such as gift vouchers and special deals, small entrepreneurs or SMEs, and medium sized entrepreneurs such as cafe, restaurant, and beauty businesses, who come to purchase shop decoration products at special prices, and choose to see Room Scene ideas on NocNoc’s platform themselves, or request a quotation with NocNoc to ask for additional information or other benefits via “NocNoc for Business” at https://bit.ly/3ramkxy from us as well.” Mr. Anupong concluded.