OZO Unveils Chic New Uniforms with Uniquely Playful Twist in Collaboration with GREYHOUND ORIGINAL

OZO also Partners with Other Thai Brands to Redefine Joy in the Hotel Experience

OZO, the fun and vibrant concept hotel brand managed by ONYX Hospitality Group, is ready to provide unlimited happiness and smiles with its refreshed and brighter look. OZO is thrilled to unveil chic new staff uniforms through a special collaboration project, OZO HOTELS x GREYHOUND ORIGINAL, breaking all the stereotypes of traditional uniforms.

Additionally, OZO plans to enhance its vibrancy by partnering with other Thai lifestyle brands, creating unique experiences and moments that bring smiles to every guest.

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For over a decade, OZO has been committed to providing happiness and vibrant fun to its guests, since opening its first branch on Koh Samui. OZO caters to everyone’s unique needs for fun with its simple yet bright design and convenient locations, connected to major tourist attractions. These features allow guests to engage in a variety of activities, meeting every lifestyle need and creating lasting impressions, ensuring  OZO is a top option for accommodation, to suit a range of travellers.  

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Today, the OZO brand is unveiling a vibrant new look under the concept of ‘Unpack. Good. Vibes.’ This refreshed design and decor cater to practical needs while infusing fun into every detail, creating an atmosphere that feels like a playground where guests can fully express themselves. The OZO brand is prepared to spark happiness under three main ideas: ensuring guests enjoy a restful night’s sleep, quickly connecting them to the world of technology, and inspiring them to find their unique happiness. Through these brand promises, every day at OZO promises a good time.

Yuthachai Charanachitta, CEO of ONYX Hospitality Group, which manages the OZO hotel brand, said that “OZO’s highlight lies in its strategic locations and unwavering focus on the guest experience. We continuously strive to elevate and enhance this aspect. The launch not only unveils a brighter and more lively atmosphere but also emphasises  services unique to the OZO brand. Through OZO, we are committed to ensuring every guest has the best and most enjoyably memorable experience on every trip.”

In addition to the new vibrant decorations,  the re-launch of OZO introduces new employee uniforms that vividly reflect the brand’s character. These uniforms convey the bright, fun essence of the OZO brand through a special collaboration with Thailand’s leading fashion brand, OZO HOTELS x GREYHOUND ORIGINAL, designed by Bordin Aphimarn himself.

The new uniform design, combining the cheerfulness of the OZO brand with GREYHOUND ORIGINAL’s design features, has resulted in a very chic uniform that breaks all the rules of traditional hotel uniforms. The new employee uniform will be a key element in emphasising  the brand’s character. By having hotel employees wear fun uniforms and serve guests with the spirit of the OZO brand, the aim is to enhance the blissful experience for every guest.

OZO can indeed be described as a Lifestyle Hotel, as it consistently thinks outside the box. Its collaboration with GREYHOUND ORIGINAL, a renowned Thai fashion brand with similar personalities and viewpoints, not only creates a clear brand image for OZO but also strengthens both brands.

This collaboration allows them to reach a wider target audience. The new staff uniform designed by GREYHOUND ORIGINAL for OZO perfectly embodies the fun essence of OZO’s ‘Unpack. Good. Vibes.’ concept. As guests arrive and see employees wearing these colourful uniforms, it immediately creates a fun and energetic atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience. This emphasis on creativity and brightness underscores OZO’s identity as a brand that thinks outside the box, setting it apart from others in the industry,” said Yuthachai.

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The newly designed uniform seamlessly blends the fashion style of GREYHOUND ORIGINAL with the personality and unique colours of OZO, effectively reflecting the  brand DNA. The new uniform design also prioritises practicality, ensuring suitability for various functions within the hotel, including management, reception, housekeeping, and technical staff. 

Bordin Aphimarn, the uniform designer representing GREYHOUND ORIGINAL, discusses the design process for OZO’s employee uniforms, stating, “This uniform design merges the shared brand characteristics of OZO and GREYHOUND, such as being lifestyle brands with a cool edge. It combines these similarities with differences in specific dimensions, like the bright colours of the OZO brand, to create new chemistry. The result is something different yet still distinctly OZO—a fun brand full of positive energy, brightness, and surprises, in line with the ‘Unpack. Good. Vibes.’ concept.”

OZO’s strong identity and clear needs from the outset made the design process very smooth. There may have been initial hesitation about using bright colours as they are not typical of GREYHOUND’s style. However, incorporating fresh colours that truly reflect OZO’s character finally resulted in a uniform that now exudes a sense of joyfulness and modernity.

In terms of style, we focused on an oversized design to create a relaxed look that conveys the message that OZO is a hotel brand that thinks outside the box. Additionally, the uniforms are designed to be unisex, ensuring that employees of all genders, ages, and body types can wear them and look good, cool, and be flexible in their work. The uniforms are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, making them durable, wrinkle-resistant, and breathable. This makes them suitable for regular use and comfortable to wear in hot weather zones or locations near the sea.”

In addition to the OZO HOTEL x GREYHOUND ORIGINAL project, ONYX Hospitality Group plans to collaborate with many leading Thai brands to further enhance the OZO brand. One of these collaborations is with Guss Damn Good, a premium ice cream brand loved by ice cream enthusiasts.

The brands have collaborated to create two unique ice cream flavours for the OZO brand: Good Vibes and Cheat Day. These flavours promise freshness in the OZO style right from the first bite, using the concept of ‘Unpack. Good. Vibes.’ in their creation.

For example, the Good Vibes flavour takes the refreshing taste of popular tropical fruits like watermelon and creates a sorbet that is light, delicious, and conveys Good Vibes in every bite. Cheat Day, on the other hand, is Banoffee ice cream that hides a fun surprise in each mouthful. 

These two ice cream flavours will be available soon in all Guss Damn Good stores, as well as in all three OZO hotels in Thailand: OZO North Pattaya, OZO Chaweng Samui, and OZO Phuket. Additionally, ice cream lovers can enjoy seven other popular flavours of Guss Damn Good’s original ice cream at these locations.

We aim to create a distinct brand personality and culture, which OZO has further emphasised through collaborations with other Thai lifestyle brands in the form of collaborative marketing. There is  an abundance of excellent design work stemming from the skills of many Thai individuals who deserve to be recognised and supported. In the future, we may explore collaborations with specific brands to develop products related to beach lifestyle and marine activities. This direction aligns with the fact that many locations of OZO hotels are renowned for their beaches, including Pattaya, Samui, and Phuket.”

Promoting Thai products is also of high importance. Thai artists have high skills and potential, as mentioned above. But it must be done gradually to ensure partnerships are authentic and create natural synergy with the OZO identity,” said Yuthachai, expressing his intentions.  He envisions that each future collaboration will enable Thai brands, including the OZO brand, to grow collectively and achieve new heights beyond previous accomplishments.


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OZO aims for every guest to experience a vibrant energy that is full of fun and liveliness. This is achieved through various functions, both in the rooms and in the hotel’s facilities, that prioritise comfort, practicality in real-life usage, and responsiveness to every need. With these offerings, OZO has established itself as a brand with a distinct character, setting it apart from its competitors and bringing smiles wider than ever before. The ultimate goal is to become the top-quality hotel brand in Asia.

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