More Rain to Drop Before Temperatures Fall

    Phu Chi Fa mountain in the northern province of Chiang Rai welcomes tourists Sunday with a temperature of 14C.

    BANGKOK — Expect more rain in Bangkok throughout the week before feeling the change of seasons with a wave of cooler weather.

    Despite the official start of winter last week, rain is forecast for the upper part of Thailand including Bangkok through Friday before temperatures start fall three to five degrees, the Meteorological Department announced Monday.

    The flux in weather conditions is due to hit the northeastern region first before spreading to other areas, it announced.

    The southern region will also face more rain this week due to the northeastern monsoon. Small boat warnings are in place as waves are expected to reach two to three meters.


    It had been earlier announced that winter would begin early this year in the last week of October. The season, expected to continue through mid-February, is also expected to be colder than recent years with low temperatures falling to 6C.


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