BANGKOK — With tickets selling out almost as soon as they went on sale and fan drama on Britney Spears’ extra show, the party monsters of Trasher are throwing a prep party for her followers a week before the show.

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To exercise their lip-syncing and hip-shimmying before the concert, Britney slaves are invited to the party which was announced Saturday after tickets sold out. Expect the hits from the one-time Princess of Pop and other sassy ‘90s songs from the likes of rival Christina Aguilera and boybanders of the era.

Whether they make it to the show, the concert has fueled 20- and 30-somethings reminiscence about their young obsession.


“When this song and music video came out, I was very excited that she finally and completely gained her mind back,” Trasher posted with the 2008 music video for “Womanizer,” referring to the superstar’s 2007 tabloid meltdown.

“After I heard about her comeback and plan to release a new song, I was overjoyed. But why she was her body swollen on stage like that?” Wanpiti Chantawong wrote along with the music video for 2007’s “Gimme More.” “Anyway, I’ll go dance until my knees are down and got to wear a light splint.”

The Britney is Now party will start at 8pm on June 17 at GMM Live House on the eighth floor of CentralWorld. The concert dates are June 23 and June 24 at Impact Arena.

The dress code for the party is Britney through the ages.

Tickets are 500 baht and come with one drink and a “souvenir.” They can be purchased online.

Get ready for the party by checking out Trasher’s version of “I’m a Slave 4 You.”


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