BANGKOK — Twenty artists will spill their guts in stage performances about the science of digestion.

Looking to combine the arts and sciences, the participating artists – all experts in dance, magic, butoh and music – settled on a topic familiar to all: eating and what comes afterward.

They’ll showcase their pieces in a three-week exhibition not limited only to theatrical performances.

Kwin Bhichitkul will lead the performance genre with three shows. In “Factory,” a man and 20 boxes will illustrate the function of the small intestine. “Plum” where WWE is used to represent the operation of teeth and learn about excretory system in “Hertha Berlin.”


Japanese butoh will combine with improvised live music in “Decay,” about the end of all things, food and us.

Magic and psychology will be used in “Body Deception” which looks at the tricks used by the body to deceive the brain.

Want to take a sonic journey into the gut? Stomach sounds will be imitated using frequencies and acoustics in “Density of Sound.”

All artists attended a one-day lecture on digestion at the Faculty of Medicine at Thammasat University. After that, they were assigned to produce their work on digestive organs, the digestive system or digestive syndromes.

Apart from performances, post-talk discussions with artists will be held each week in Thai and English.

Find the full performance schedule on Facebook.

One-day tickets are 500 baht (390 baht students). Special offers for advance sales and multiple tickets are available online.


The shows starts at 7pm, Friday through Sunday from June 30 to July 16 at Syrup The Space at Liberty Plaza, located in Soi Thong Lor. It can be reached from the Soi Thong Lo Pier via the Khlong Saen Saep boat taxi or taking a red bus or motorbike taxi from BTS Thong Lo.

Still image from ‘Decay.’ Photo: Digest Pls/ Courtesy.
gutbody rehearsal
Rehearsal of ‘The Gut Body’ Photo: Digest Pls/ Courtesy.
hepato blahblah0
Still image from ‘Hepato- blah blah.’ Photo: Digest Pls/ Courtesy.