Guards vs. Taxi Driver in Terminal 21 Battle Royale (Video)

BANGKOK — A mass melee involving a taxi driver and security guards at a downtown shopping mall this week ended up at the police station Friday after footage of it hit the internets.

Driver Khettikun Rattana and Montri Sitabian, a guard at the Terminal 21 shopping mall, were charged with fighting in public this morning for a fight which broke out two days ago over a jilted passenger. Each man was fined 500 baht.

The brawl began at about 4pm on Wednesday in front of the mall after Khettikun allegedly rejected a waiting fare, prompting Montri to ask him to leave.

Enraged, Khettikun refused to drive away and got out of the cab, at which point a wild scrum of feet and fists erupted, drawing several more security guards into the action.

Fortunately for internet voyeurs, someone recorded the incident and posted it online.

On Thursday, Terminal 21 condemned the taxi driver in a statement.

“We do not support taxis that reject passengers and do not use the meter,” the statement read. “When a security guard asked the taxi driver to leave the area to make way for other taxis, the driver exited the vehicle and assaulted the guard.”

“Terminal 21 does not support violence, however,” the statement continued, saying that the mall had contacted the security company to penalize the guards.