Sip Beer While Learning About Malaria at ‘Pint of Science’

Image: Pint of Science Thailand / Facebook

BANGKOK — Learn about malaria, cattle and healthcare wealth disparity with a pint in hand when science geeks and beer lovers unite later this week in the capital.

At “Pint of Science,” a Thai import of the widely successful concept from Britain, three scientists will talk about their research topics: the deadly history of malaria in Thailand, the story of ancient Thai cattle and whether the ICU can only be afforded by the rich these days.

Participants can take in these topics while drinking their favorite craft beers, which will be sold at a special price at the event. The talk will be held in English, the Facebook page of the group said.

Though it originated in the United Kingdom, “Pint of Science” now takes place in 24 countries including Thailand. The network aims to promote science and allow researchers to explain their work in casual settings such as pubs and bars.



No prior knowledge of the subjects is required. A lively Q&A session typically follows the talks.

“Pint of Science” will start at 7pm on Tuesday at Siam Society, which is a five-minute walk from BTS Asok and MRT Sukhumvit. Entry is free.