Fat Cat 8.5 Kilo Falls Through A Car’s Window Seems Fine

Social media shared the story of a fat cat weighing 8.5 kilogrammes that fell through a car’s rear window, smashing the grass. Netizens are concerned about the car as well as the cat.

Apiwat Toyotaka and Monruthai Klinsuk, the owners of the car, revealed to ‘Khaosod Online’ that on the day of the event, the condominium staff in Bangkok contacted them to inform the cat had fallen from the 6th floor into their car and the glass had cracked. Apiwat was perplexed as to how the condo had a cat, because pets are prohibited.

The footage from CCTV showed Shifu the cat fell from the 6th floor of the condominium.

They hurried down to examine the automobile. It appears to be the owner crying next to the car while carrying a cat named ‘Shifu’ in her arms.

When they turned to see Shifu making a dizzy expression, they fell in love with Shifu because he was so cute, while the owner cries because she feels guilty, unhappy, and worried for the cat.

Shifu, the cat, weighs 8.5 kilos.

Because the owner did not close the balcony door, the cat fell. Shifu fell and tried to grab to the net, but it wasn’t strong enough to hold him. Then he fell and his face hit with the window, turning his nose bright red.

Later, the owner took the cat to the vet, and x-rays revealed that there were no injuries, no broken bones, and just two missing fingernails. He may have broken his bones or died if he had fallen on the roof of the car or the floor, but he only crashed through the car window, which had film, minimising the force.

Apiwat said the incident ended well because they are also cat slaves (cat lovers) who have many cats. As for their car, they have first-class insurance, so it was not a problem.

“The cat has now been relocated to the owner’s residence.” So please don’t say anything negative about her. Everything happened by accident. The cat owner has learned her lesson and is attempting to minimise the weight of her pet.” Monruthai said

“We had a big cat, too, weighing 7 kilos, but Shifu weighed 8.5 kilos and it was fine.” Apiwat also contributed.