The Hottest Remakes with the Hottest Actors : Nadech and Mario

 In this hot summer, Thai film industry has become "HOT" with the two remake films : "Ku-Gum"  (Sunset at Chaophraya) and  "Pee-Mark-Pra-Ka-Nong" (Ghost Nang Nak) Both of them presents love story in another interpreted way.


 They are not only to merge the difference of antiquity with the modernity of Thai society but also bring the popular drama actors to act as leading actor in the movie. 


 "Ku-Gum" a famous opus of "Tomyantee" was made as TV drama for six times and as film for three times, while the last successful version of "Pee-Mark-Pra-Ka-Nong" had a wonderful achievement in 1999 by famous director "Oui" Nonzee Nimitbutr.       




 "Ku-Gum" version 2013 by "Riew" Kitikorn Leawsirikul the director from M39 Motions Pictures said about the reason to reproduce this story that he find the structure of  "Ku-Kum" is the best plot ever. Moreover, this story can be interpreted in many points of view and this version he fulfills the meaning of this couple in the way of a young and romantic love during wartime.


 Although the story is about conflict of nationality and national politics, Riew prefers to show how teenagers in that period fall in love with each other. He doesn?t give much weight on the conflict and history between Thailand and Japan because he believes the relationship between two countries in that period was not enemy.


 "Nadech Kugimiya" an Austrian-Thai daring actor from Channel 3 acts as Kobori with the new actress "Richy" Oranate Dicarbales acts as Angsumalin.


 According to the interview of Nadech, he thinks that Kobori is a boy who has to go far from birthplace to be under the soldier discipline. Hence, when he meets Angsumalin who is brave to dispute and express her own idea with him, it makes him fall in love with her.


 Also Richy′s interview, she thinks that Angsumalin is just a girl who has a conflict in herself that she loves Kobori but the sense of nationalism has distorted her. She pretends not to express her real feeling. So it is about confused love which continues under the conflict situation.

 The recommend from Riew for this many time remake film is do not adhere in the old version , open your mind and you will find a new taste of this classic love story.




  On the other hand, Pee-Mark-Pra-Ka-Nong is also a true love story during the wartime in 19th century. Thai man name Mark just comebacks from the battle ground  to see his beloved wife. Unfortunately she had died in childbirth. Love is the last one which is standstill. Nark becomes an immortal wife and waits for her husband.


 "Tong" Bunjong Pisanyathanakul, the director from GMM Tai hub, has an idea to interpret this most famous Thai ghost story to be comedy horror film in modern way.


 He wants to show the view point of husband and his friends instead of Mae Nak herself that already presented in former films. So this version has various ingredients of emotional laugh with horrible feeling and fulfill with an ending of bitter love. The main message is a reaction of Pee Mark on what he wants to say after he knew the truth that his wife is a ghost.


 Furthermore, the expression of Mae-Nak feeling can be implied that to deceive her beloved husband and live with lies is such a bad thing for love and couple life.  Tong said this is a romantic comedy one.


  "Mario Maurer" the Thai-German star who acts as Pee-Mark gives an interview that he was chosen by director because of he has both funny and serious character that suits for modern Pee-Mark.


 For "Mai" Davika Horne a Thai-Belgian star, Tong explains that she has an eye expression that can be an extremely power to catch the audience.



 Lastly, the director concluded that he doesn?t expect that it would become high grossing film (now on April, 11 its gross has passed 10 million US dollar, which is so huge for Thai film industry) He only wishes that his work will make something new in the future.

  Finally, we have to keep an eye on the accomplishment of these two reproduced films whether it comes from the factor of the famous actors or an immortal structure of old love story. Which one can be impressed audience′s mind depends on your decision.