Hanged man 'requested a song for his funeral'

A man from Payao province committed suicide and asked a love song be played at his funeral.

The man, Mr. Puttasakdi Tankruea, 32, was found hanged in his room, in Rachatevi area of Bangkok. Police found no traces of fights or struggles at the house, which was partitioned into rooms for rent. The police also found 2 letters with Mr. Puttsakdi’s handwriting. The first one was addressed to his mother, the other to his siblings, instructing that the song “I Guess Love Is Not Enough” by Thai singer Suea Thanapol be played in his funeral.


“I’m sorry. I’m a  bad man. I love you all” the letters said.


Witnesses told police Mr. Puttasakdi worked as motorcyclist for hire and recently broke up with his girlfriend. On the day of his death, witnesses said, he called his ex-girlfriend asking for money to return to his hometown, but she told him to sell his TV for the money.


According to witnesses, Mr. Puttasakdi then called his sister, telling her to take care of herself. A friend of Mr. Puttasakdi told police that he tried to call him but no one picked up the phone, so he came to check on him, only to find Mr. Puttasakdi hanged in his room.

His body would be returned to his family in Payao after an autopsy.