Hospital Apologises For Human Leg At Landfill

AMNAT CHAROEN — A hospital has confirmed that the human leg found by a garbage collector in Amnat Charoen province was amputated from one of its diabetic patients during a recent surgery.

The garbage collector alerted police after he stumbled upon the leg in a trash bag while scouring the landfill in Muang District for recyclable items yesterday.

Police said today that forensic tests reveal the leg was infected with diabetes. Boonyuen Kamhong, deputy Governor of Amnat Charoen, said the administration of a local hospital confirmed that the leg indeed belonged to one of its patients who recently underwent amputation surgery for diabetes.

According to Boonyuen, doctors at the hospital, which has not been named, intended to dispose of the leg in the biowaste bag, but accidentally placed it in trash bag for general refuse. Boonyuen said the hospital has apologised to the city municipality and promised to tighten its hygiene procedures.

"I have told every hospital in the province to be very careful about this," Boonyuen told reporters today. It could endanger public health if the limb of that patient was toxic. It could unwittingly lead to an epidemic."

He added, "It's very fortunate that no stray dog found that leg first, otherwise it might spread some diseases among the dogs. I am very concerned about this."


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