Japanese Man Wins Surin's Eel Catching Contest

Ten contestants from various countries competed with each other in the 17th Eel Catching Tournament organised by Surin provincial administration in Chumpolburi district, 21 December 2014

SURIN – A Japanese man has been named the winner of the 2014 annual eel catching contest in Surin province.

Ten contestants from various countries such as China, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom competed with each other in the 17th Eel Catching Tournament organised by Surin's provincial administration in Chumpolburi district yesterday. 

The tournament is a homage to local tradition and involves contestants searching for eels in a ditch for five minutes. The contestant who manages to catch the highest number of eels and successfully places the slippery creatures in a bamboo-weaved basket wins the contest.



However, this year's competition resulted in a tie between a German and a Japanese, as both of them caught 10 eels. The referees decided to hold a second round of contest. The Japanese national eventually won the prize. 

The tournament is a part of annual "Eel Festival" in Chumpolburi district, which also features a market selling local products and rice harvested in the region. 

Teerapol Sakulrak, Chumpolburi's Chief District Officer, said he hoped the festival will encourage tourists from other parts of Thailand to visit Chumpolburi.



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