Monkeys Escape Cage, Vandalize Southern Village

Monkeys also broke several of Surapong's dishes.

RANONG — Residents of Tha Chang village in southern Thailand have been terrorized by a group of monkeys that escaped from their enclosure last month.

The monkeys started their rampage several weeks ago, running inside residents' homes, trashing their property, and damaging crops in nearby orchards, locals say. 

Surapong Inkabchan, 57, said the monkeys belong to a coconut farmer who trained the animals to pick coconuts from trees in the district. The monkeys appeared to have broken out of their cage last month and have been causing trouble in the village ever since, Surapong said.

"I keep four ducks. The monkeys stole all of the ducks' food. They eat everything," Surapong said. "When they ran out of food, they entered my kitchen, searched for rice, and threw the rice cookers around. I have to keep dishes and food in cupboards these days."


Seven families in the village say they have been affected by the monkeys' rampage.


Police at Ratchakrud Police Station say they are coordinating with officials from Department of Forestry to locate and capture all of the monkeys. 

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