Asthma Attack Kills Swiss Expat in Kanchanaburi, Police Say

Police said they found the discarded inhaler of a Swiss expat living in Kanchanaburi near to where he collapsed and died of an asthma attack early this morning.

KANCHANABURI – A Swiss expat living west of Bangkok died early this morning after he suffered a severe asthma attack while riding a motorcycle, police told reporters.

Motorists alerted police at around 3 am today that the man’s body was found on a road in the mueang district of Kanchanaburi province, local police said, and was believed to be traveling home after meeting friends.

“Suddenly, his asthma condition hit him, so he parked his motorcycle on the side of the road and tried to find his inhaler,” Police Lt. Chaiyan Srathongduang said. “But before he could use the inhaler, his breathing stopped and he dropped from his motorcycle.” He added that police officers found the inhaler near the motorcycle.

Police identified the deceased as a 62-year-old man from Switzerland. Khaosod English is withholding his identity until his family has been notified.


The deceased had been living in Kanchanburi for several years, Chaiyan said, and suffered from asthma.


He had reportedly been drinking with friends at a bar near the Khwae river prior to returning home on his motorcycle.

The Swiss Embassy in Bangkok has been alerted to the man’s death, Chaiyan said.


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