French Tourist Dies From Waterfall Plunge in Southern Thailand

A rescue operation was conducted at the Na Mueang Song Waterfall on Koh Samui today, where a French tourist died in a fall.

SURAT THANI — A French tourist died and another was seriously injured after they fell from a waterfall on Koh Samui today.

The two tourists were found on the rocks near the base of the Na Mueang Song waterfall by police officers and rescue workers, who pronounced one of the victims dead on the scene while the second was transported to hospital with broken bones.

The two tourists were identified as two French men in their early 20s. Rescue workers reportedly spent two hours navigating through tall and slippery precipices to retrieve the body of the deceased.

The surviving tourist broke bones in his leg, hip, rib cage and arms.

Police were alerted to the incident at approximately 11am this morning after Sommai Himthong, a local guide, reported hearing loud screams as he was walking near the waterfall, leading him to investigate. He told police he found five tourists who told them their friends had slipped and fallen down the waterfall, so he called police.

Police said Na Mueang Song Waterfall has a history of accidents causing injuries and deaths.



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