Source of Oil Remains Unknown as Hua Hin Reopens Beach

Workers today continued the clean-up of about 10 kilometers of beach at Hua Hin after they were fouled by an oil spill three days ago.

HUA HIN — After a couple days of cleanup, Hua Hin says its beaches are ready for the weekend while the source of the oil spill remains unknown.

Four days after an oil leak polluted the shore, the beach was declared clean yet municipal officials recommend not swimming in the water until Sunday.

Satellite images taken before the spill showed an 11sqm spill originated from vessels near the mouths of the Mae Klong and Tha Chin rivers between the popular weekend resort city and Bangkok, according to Anond Snidvongs of the government space research agency.


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Anond said it took a few days for the spill to travel 100 kilometers to Hua Hin’s beach after they were captured Saturday.

Though the images lacked the resolution to determine which boat caused the spill, investigators were able to conclude the tar was not from an oil platform.