Thai Woman Accuses ‘Vic F4’ of Rape

Pear-on Sroyson shows the ring she claimed Vic Chou gave to her to the press on Thursday in Bangkok.

BANGKOK — A Thai woman on Thursday claimed she was sexually assaulted by Taiwanese superstar Vic Chou and pregnant with his child.

Pear-on Sroyson, 28, told reporters she was raped by the 34-year-old heartthrob in 2011 prior to entering a consensual relationship with Chou in 2012.

“He told me to sit at the end of the bed and then told me to lie down. But I refused to do so,” she said of what allegedly happened. “After a while he took my arm and told me to sit next to him and laid me down.”


Chou is perhaps best known throughout Asia as a former member of boy band F4, who were turn-of-the-century teen idols in Thailand.

Pear-on said she first knew Chou in 2009 through a friend in Taiwan and the two gradually developed a relationship. They mostly communicated through messaging applications.

From 2012 until this past November, when Chou married, the couple met regularly when he was traveling, yet Pear-on said it was kept secret due to his celebrity status.

When rumors began to spread in January that Chou had been unfaithful, he dismissed them as untrue through his manager. Neither Chou nor his manager have yet to address Thursday’s accusations by Pear-on.

Pear-on found out she was pregnant in August and claimed Chou’s refusal to take responsibility led her to terminate the pregnancy.

When his marriage to Reen Yu, his co-star in the famous television drama Meteor Garden, made headlines in November, Pear-on said she contacted him to find out about it. She said she was told to wait and never heard back from him again.

Asked why she waited until now to go public, Pear-on said, “I want him to admit the truth…I just want an apology.”

Pear-on also showed a ring she claimed Chou gave to her as well as records of their chat.



Vic Chou and his wife, Reen Yu, show their wedding rings when they officially announce their marriage in November 10, 2015. Photo: Reen Yu/ Facebook