Pay 1 Baht Less at 3 MRT Stations

Crowded MRT platform during the rush hours. Photo: BEM Metro Business / Facebook

BANGKOK — In the current economic climate, Bangkok will be relieved one small bit – or baht – when metro fares at three of 18 subway stations go down in July.

The military government approved a new fare schedule Tuesday for the MRT system which is unchanged except for commuters traveling to MRT Ratchadaphisek, Thailand Cultural Centre and Sukhumvit, where the fare will be reduced by one baht.

The updated fares, the latest in biannual adjustments, will go into effect July 3 and were based on a variety of factors including costs and the general economy. The last time fares changed, in 2014, they went up a baht or two, depending on distance traveled.

“For this seventh fare adjustment, we calculated costs of operation in relation to the Consumer Price Index, including decreased oil prices and other factors,” said Transportation Minister Akom Termpittayapisit. “The rate will stay the same as before the adjustment except for some stations that the calculation showed needed to be reduced.”

The minimum and maximum fares will remain the same at 16 and 42 baht, respectively.


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