Head to any club in cities such as Berlin and Detroit and find them packed with ravers dancing to the dark, throbbing sounds of industrial techno.

It’s a sound yet to find a foothold in Thailand, though small one-off events such as Primeval, Off the Grid and Cosm have pumped it into capital city clubs. Perhaps the biggest name to rock Thai shores was Headless Horseman, who DJ’d in the Quarry two Wonderfruits ago.

Now a new contender is on the scene to drop some heavy electronic nights of industrial techno. Raze is the brainchild of Zoo Studio boss Kritsada Vadeesirisak, aka Marmosets, and electronic music producer Koishi Shimizu.

Kritsada says doing an event that strays from mainstream club sounds is worth the risk. Especially in Bangkok, where more club-friendly house and minimal techno rule clubland.


“People are never ready for anything on their own,” he says. “Someone has to take the risk to start something new.”

Next month, the two will welcome British industrial techno artist Ansome. He’s known for dark and gritty Electronic Body Music, or EBM, which combines elements of industrial music and synth punk.

Though industrial techno’s roots can be traced back to the early ‘80s – with bands such as – throbbing gristle and cabaret Voltaire, Kieran Whitefield, or Ansome, says it’s the scene’s next gen artists such as Perc that inspired him. So much that he’s also a part of Perc’s Perc Trax label.

“Perc was a big influence as with most of the music from his label,” Ansome said.

Ansome has released numerous groundbreaking tracks on top-tier labels such as Perc Trax, No Logo Music and South London Analogue Material. His latest track “British Steel” was full of distorted sledgehammer drum beats, growling synths and sound effects. Besides producing music, he also headlines major clubs and festivals worldwide.


Koichi Shimizu will join him along with Marmosets, PSRWP and Winkieb next month in Safe Room at Whiteline.

Raze – Heavy Electronic Experience will take place 8:30pm to 2:30am on July 6. Tickets are 450 baht online and at the door. Safe Room, located above Whiteline at Soi Silom 8, is 21 and up with ID. Get there on foot from BTS Chong Nonsi or by taxi from BTS Sala Daeng or MRT Silom.

Photo: Marmosets / Courtesy
Photo: Marmosets / Courtesy