AIS Outperforms Itself as Thailand’s First Telco to Launch 5G Fixed Wireless Access, Strengthening Entrepreneurs for Thailand’s Recovery (Advertorial)

AIS continues to bring 5G, the new national technology to strengthen Thai entrepreneurs, and help recover the country’s economy following expanding the network to 77 provinces and covering 100% of the industrial estates in EEC. AIS is ready to launch the first 5G service for the business sector with commercial 5G Fixed Wireless Access (AIS 5G FWA) as the first and only operator in Thailand to meet the needs of corporate customers particularly to enhance flexibility in send/receive corporate data on a wireless network with the features of 5G to support multiple usage, including being an extension of Network Slicing Innovation on 5G FWA, which is the advanced technology of AIS 5G that holds the potential to design each layer of the network to be consistent and flexible to each type of usage in each area of ​​the business flexibly, making it able to ensure the quality of the connection and the speed through the complete performance.

Break 4 potentials of 5G Fixed Wireless Access to answer Thai business sectors

  • Higher Speed ​​Internet: To enhance the efficiency of eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), which can reach speeds than 4G, supporting high bandwidth applications.
  • Better Latency: With 5G technology that increases low latency less than 4G
  • Fast to Set Up: To meet the Business Network Solution with easy and quick installation by installing the AIS 5G FWA equipment to receive-send signals from the 5G base station to the base site, available to use immediately without holding to run cables, reducing costs.
  • Easy to relocate: Ready to use anywhere with 5G signal to meet the needs of organizations that want to use the internet off-site by the AIS 5G FWA equipment, which can be carried efficiently, quickly, and easy to install in no more than 10 minutes with immediate use.

            Mr. Yongsit Rojsrikul, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, AIS, said, “AIS is committed to bringing 5G technology in helping with the recovery of Thailand, especially in the significant situation from the COVID-19 outbreak that appeared, resulting several organizations need to adjust to a new strategic plan to be able to manage the organization in moving forward. Therefore, as the first 5G service provider in Thailand, AIS has expanded its service coverage to 77 provinces nationwide and is ready to use today. AIS is continuously developing network innovations for corporate customers in response to the problems mentioned above. However, the 5G Fixed Wireless Access service will be a new solution that will enhance the efficiency of the internet and meet the organization’s needs.
In the future, FWA will replace some of the old-style internet connections, facilitating multiple network service providers from all over the world to use 5G in providing FWA services to meet the needs of several business networks. With the higher speed of 5G, it will adequately increase the efficiency of business utilization and the Network Slicing innovation from AIS, and it can effectively guarantee the quality of the signals connected in each business.”

For the AIS 5G Fixed Wireless Access service consists of:


1. The 5G FWA Broadband service is an internet service that connects the 5G CPE devices via the AIS 5G network, which is easy to install, easy to move, and with maintenance in the case of interference.

2. The 5G FWA Corporate Internet service, a corporate internet service that connects 5G CPE devices via the AIS 5G network. It provides guaranteed bandwidth and signals quality with separation for corporate customers and provides the highest data security with after-sale services that takes care of 24 hours by a team of skillful technicians. Besides, it is an easy installation and cost savings, including no need to pull the wires.

3. The 5G FWA MPLS service is a service that uses 5G FWA technology to serve as MPLS to be a Virtual Private Network with the features of easy installation and easy to relocate because it is a network allocation for organizations that use the service furthermore suitable toward using personal network that requires to send data with high security, and with after-sale services that takes care of 24 hours by a team of skillful technicians.

Besides, AIS also offers services which ultimately enhance the use of 5G FWA, including:


1. 5G FWA SD-WAN Service: With the automatic network allocation feature of SD-WAN, when utilized in connection with 5G, the network coordination will be more smooth, suitable for organizations with many branches connected.

2. 5G FWA WIFI Service: Help the organization’s WiFi system allocation with comprehensive supervision from the user authentication system to the log collection following the Cybersecurity Act and covers 24-hour after-sales service.

            For businesses, interested organizations can see more details or apply for the service at, or contact AIS Corporate Call Center 1149, or the corporate customer care team that provides your usual service.