BANGKOK — Singers and artists have gotten busy lamenting the death of His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol and sharing it online.

On Saturday, Sek Loso was one of the first commercial artists to share his sorrow in song.

“This song is a song for father. I wish you could hear it. Although tears flood the land, I just want to sing so that father can hear that I love him,” the 42-year-old badboy sings in “I was born in the Reign of King Rama IX of Thailand.” The song has been shared nearly 180,000 times.

A number of other singers and artists have published works dedicated to mourning the late King.


Tears pour down the face of vocalist Kanyapat ‘Parn’ Srinarong of VieTrio in ‘Sansoen Phra Barami,’ a song released Friday glorifying the King’s prestige, in a clip viewed more than 400,000 times.


‘Dear Dad’ by Pativate ‘Fong Beer’ Utaichalurm was posted online Thursday. ‘It was like I was writing a letter so father can hear what I think and how I feel.’ In the song, he sings about his gratitude for making him who is is today and in lives to come.


Other YouTubers and netizens composed their own original works.

In ‘From Your Child’s Heart,’ Rattanaporn ‘Ploy’ Nanthasri sings that despite being heartbroken at learning the news, she won’t be discouraged and will make His Majesty proud by following his teachings.

‘You’ll Forever Be in Thai People’s Heart (I Was Born In the Reign of King Rama IX of Thailand),’ by Night Tingle. The singers echoes the popular sentiment to be a servant underneath HM’s feet in all future lives.



At least one international artist has also taken to mourn the late King. A Korean artist known as Drawholic posted a video of him drawing King Bhumibol with the caption ‘Rest in Peace.’

Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified the name of the singer of Vie Trio. It is Kanyapat “Parn” Srinarong, not Pintusorn “Pui” Srinarong.