BANGKOK — One is a slumped anthropomorphic crow all in black. The other a frenetic flurry of color-stranded energy.

The vessels of an artist’s contradictory personas will be expressed next week in an array of multimedia works at A Creature Apart, a study of alter egos inside a gallery in the Yen Akat area.

Rook Floro as the ‘Blastard’

“I wake up each day with different, extreme personalities,” Filipino-Thai artist Rook Floro said in an interview. “One day I feel very extroverted. On the day I have to meet people, I may wake up being too introverted.”

Rook’s previous works have taken measure of his internal dimensions. Corvus was the black-beaked introvert crouching in opposition to Blastard, the vivid and carefree extrovert at the center of his upcoming show. There, 29-year-old Rook will give form to their balance – or imbalance – in hope of finding the space in between.

“I’m trying to find a balance between the two extremes that cause life conflicts,” Rook said.

Apart from his own internal dynamics, Rook said he’s also inspired by 1988 Japanese anime classic “Akira” for its iconic scene of a conflicted character’s transformation into a giant, fleshy mess. The artist believes his experiences track with changes in the society, leaders and the world.

More than 20 paintings and 10 sculptures, along with installations, photography and a video will be part of the exhibition that will display along with the gallery’s architecture.

Rook was selected by the U.K. Young Artists to participate in the World Event Young Artist 2012 in Nottingham and has exhibited his works in England, France and Thailand.

The exhibition opens at 4pm on May 20 and runs through June 24 at YenakART Villa on Soi Yen Akat. It’s a 10-minute taxi ride from MRT Lumpini or Khlong Toei.

Image: Rook Floro / Courtesy