The Nostalgic ‘Viennetta’ Ice Cream to Make a Comeback

A vintage Viennetta ad in Thailand. Image: Bungerd2518 / Facebook

BANGKOK — The ice cream dessert Thai Gen Xs remember for its decadence and price tag will return to shelves in October.

Wall’s Viennetta will be available again on Oct. 29, Wall’s Thailand announced on Saturday. The ice cream will be sold at all 7-Eleven stores for 159 baht apiece, according to shopping page Punpromotion. 

Viennetta is a British ice cream made by Unilever and in Thailand, distributed under the Wall’s brand.


 Viennetta was sold in the 80s and 90s in Thailand. Its price tag – 89 baht – was considered steep in an era when other desserts could be had at 10-20 baht.  


Due to the nostalgia associated with the ice cream, several popular Facebook pages have been demanding its comeback for years, including the page “Bring Back Walls Viennetta” that started in 2016.

“When I was a kid, I didn’t have money to buy this. But now that I do, they don’t sell it. Such a sad life,” Bungerd 2518 Facebook page wrote in a 2017 post of a vintage Viennetta ad.