Shop Staff’s Kindness Leads to Emotional Dog-Owner Reunion

PHETCHABUN — A heartwarming story about dog lovers helping to find the owner of a lost dog running in the rain searching for its owner’s car has gone viral on social media. This incident occurred in Phetchabun Province, in the lower northern region of Thailand.

A Facebook user named Puttal On-ta posted a video and message saying, “If anyone abandoned this dog or if it fell from a car, please come pick it up urgently. It’s pitiful – it won’t come under shelter when called, runs after every white car, and sits in the rain waiting for its owner. It looks left and right hopefully.”



The video shows a male Thai breed dog with brown fur, sitting and standing in the rain, looking scared with its tail down, peering out to the road as if waiting for something.

Later, a Khaosod news reporter met with Puttal, the page owner on June 23. She owns a souvenir shop in Khao Kho, along the Lom Sak-Phitsanulok road, Highway 12, in Camp Son subdistrict, Khao Kho district, Phetchabun province.

She said the dog had been around her shop for about 4-5 days. During this time, it often rained in Khao Kho area, but the dog would stand in the rain, refusing to take shelter. It looked scared, with its tail down, as if waiting for someone, and would often chase after white cars.

dog phetchabun3

People in the area said they saw the dog jump out of a white pickup truck belonging to a lottery ticket seller and couldn’t find its way back. It just stood waiting for its owner. Puttal, her shop staff, and nearby vendors would feed it and try to get it to sleep near the shop.

After several days, she became attached to and felt sorry for the dog. She took photos and videos to post on Facebook, which were widely shared and commented on.

On June 22, the dog’s owner contacted her. Shortly after, the owner arrived at her shop. When the dog saw its owner, it jumped excitedly, wagging its tail and running towards her with great joy. Puttal immediately knew this woman was the real owner.

The owner explained that she had been away on business for seven days. When she returned home and couldn’t find her dog, she searched but couldn’t locate it. She got a tip from neighbors who saw a white pickup truck take the dog away. She finally saw the shared post on Facebook, recognized her dog immediately, and rushed to pick it up.

Puttal said that when the dog reunited with its owner, her shop staff were so moved they cried tears of joy. They were touched and very happy to have found the dog’s owner. The owner’s house was nearly 10 kilometers away. Puttal thanked the power of social media for helping share the post until the owner saw it.

dog phetchabun1
Puttal On-ta, a souvenir shop owner, is happy for the dog.