Here Are 7 GIFS of Prayuth’s Workout Moves. Happy Friday.

BANGKOK — Gen. Prayuth punched the sky and sashayed his hips for another gripping, mandatory Workout Wednesday session for government workers.

Although some recent seshes have been canceled due to the heat, Dear Leader seems to have warmed up to moving it indoors.

Check out his moves.

1. Come Hither (Charismatic Warm Up)


2. Raise the Praise (Ambitions in Circulation)


3. Hugging Prawit (Mad Pecs)


4. Article 44s (No citizens gonna accuse you of skipping leg day)


5. The Ku De Ta (Plans in Motion)


6. The Attitude Adjusters (Don’t. Ever. Stop.)


7. Twerking Ninja (Thighs WILL burn)