Court Cites Korkaew's Unrepentant Behavior As Reason To Detain Him

(22 April) Criminal court refused to temporarily release Mr. Korkaew Pikultong, a Pheua Thai MP, from his detention, citing his defiant behavior.

Mr. Korkaew is currently facing terrorism charge for his role in 2010 Redshirts protest. He was placed in detention after the court stripped him of his bail for making comments about the Constitutional Court which the judges deemed to be insulting. His lawyer had since filed a plea to have him temporarily released.

Earlier today Mr. Korkaew was brought to the Criminal Court at Ratchadapisek Road, where the judges told him that although he behaved well and polite during the previous parliamentary session, he insisted that he did nothing wrong in making those comments about the Constitutional Court.


Therefore, the judges said, Mr. Korkaew was apparently ?unrepentant for the violation he had committed? and lost the right to temporary release he was seeking.


Mr. Korkaew′s lawyer said he had filed an appeal.

Speaking to our correspondent at the court before he was escorted back to his holding cell at Laksi Temporary Prison, Mr. Korkaew said he had asked Ms. Thida Tojirakarn, chairwoman of the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), to look after his family in his absence.