Homeless Man Found Dead In Bus' Storage

(21 April) A bus driver in Buriram province found a dead body in the storage space of his vehicle.

Mr. Roj Viharn, 53, said he was preparing his bus for the day′s duty in the morning at Buriram Bus Depot when he found the male, shirtless corpse in the space where he usually stored water pails and gasoline tanks, and alerted the police.


The dead man was estimated by the police to be in his 50. His identity could not be immediately verified. Locals told police they had never seen him before.

Police suggested that he was a homeless who crept into the bus to seek shelter for the night, but the space was tight and he must have suffocated to death after he closed the storage door.


The bus was identified as a private-owned, inter-provincial bus, running between Nakorn Ratchasrima and Buriram.