Mentally-Ill Man Cuts Stomach Open with Glass

(26 April) Police rushed to a townhouse after receiving reports of a delusional man violently
hurting himself in Nakornpatom province to find a large pool of blood. Officers were informed that the incident was due to self-harm and the seriously injured man has been taken to Mahachai 2 hospital. The man did not survive.


The person was named as Mr.Tanatut (surname withheld), 38, an unemployed patient of mental illness. Initial autopsy reveals his torso area was cut open by sharp object and the cause of death was blood loss.

Mr. Tanatut’s mother, 63, informs police that she was on her way to Somdej Chaophraya
hospital to get medicine for her son when the incident took place, adding that before she left, she had taken care to rid the house of any sharp objects since the victim had often stabbed himself with a knife. She said she did not expect the victim to break a piece of glass and cut himself with it.

The body is now in the possession of the hospital and no foul play is suspected.