Air Force Nurse 'Found Murdered' In Bang Plad

(10 May) Police uncovered decomposed body of 63 year old woman in Bang Plad district of Bangkok, and they are investigating her death as murder case.

Police officers from Bang Plad police station along with Ruamkatunyu foundation workers and a medical examiner from Vajira hospital arrived at the scene, which was a 2 floor town house. The doors were locked with a metal chain, which had to be sawed off.

Once inside, they recovered the body of Ms.Payomsri Dejakup, ex-air force nurse, 63, naked with wounds to the forehead. It is estimated that she had been dead for 3-4 days. A trail of blood was found around the body.

Ms.Taengon Sanroo, 75, the person who alerted the authorities, informed the police that the deceased was a very sociable woman and would often offer her neighbors her food.

Before the body was discovered, she had not seen the deceased for 3-4 days and can smell a foul scent from the direction of the house. She then asked some neighbors to accompany her onto the premises. She looked through the window and saw the deceased’s feet poking out. She quickly called the police.

“A month ago, she often complained to me about problems she had with her relatives. She fought with her sister a lot about the deed to a property, but she never gave me the details. She was just complaining that her sister would show up often to talk about the property in Pin Klao area. Then, just like that, she’s now dead,” Ms Taengon said.

Pol.Col.Surasit stated that initial investigations revealed signs of foul play. The state of the body is quite unnatural, naked and covered with pieces of cloth. There are also wounds on the victim’s forehead and trails of blood around the house. Motives for murder may include robbery, rape, and personal conflict.

Police said autopsy needs to be done to determine the cause of death. The relatives will also have to be questioned.