Man Who 'Spent 10,000 Baht On Alcohol' Told Police He Was Mugged

(12 May) Fearing the wrath of his wife, a drunk man who has wrecked his motorcycle made up a story, reporting to police he was mugged in Bangplee area of Bangkok.

This incident took place at 03.30 this
when Bangplee police station received radio reports that a mugging took place near
the gas station on Teparak Road., km.9. Police rushed to
the scene with investigative officers. 

Mr. Chachawal
Boonmeerit, 33, was standing next to his wrecked Honda motorcycle, with multiple wounds to head face
and body.

Mr. Chachawal informed police that, before the incident, he was out having drinks with his
friends and rode his motorcycle home. 3-4 men then assaulted him and took
10,000 baht cash that he had with him and escaped. He walked to the gas station and found some
rescue workers who helped contact the police.  
He told the police
was mugged in front of a restaurant 2 km away, but when the police
took him to the scene of the crime to point out the spot, he refused to do so. The security camera
footage of the area was  taken into consideration and the man was taken to the Bangplee police
station for further questioning.

Later, he admitted that he made up the whole incident
because he was very drunk, wrecked his motorcycle, and afraid his wife would be mad at him. The
10,000 baht that was allegedly stolen was spent drinking alcohol, he added.

The police eventually charged Mr. Chachawal with making false report, saying that he has caused much unnecessary
trouble for the police force and his actions should not be taken as an example.