Quest For Mythical 'Invincibility Stone' Kills 3

(28 May) 3 locals in
Mookdaharn province lost their lives after they attempted to dive into a flooded cave in their
search for an amulet believed to grant superpower to the wearers.


The incident took place at
Poong Cave in Mookdaharn, a flooded cave in a heavily forested area. The dead were identified as
Chatipa, 59, Mr.Sangob Ansaen, 39, and Mr. Tanachot Linto, 48. The 3 men were said to be from a
nearby village. Initial investigations suggest they died of lack of

Questioning revealed that the 3 victims, along with their family, went into
the area to look for herbs and had spent the night at the rocks near Poong Cave. They believed that
there are ?Lek Lai (Liquid Iron)?, a mythical object believed to grant power of
invincibility, inside the cave and went inside to search for it at about noon on 26 May. Their
families waited outside the cave.


On the next morning, they still had not come out and the
family members feared they may be in danger, so they went back to the village to rally a search
crew. The found the bodies and called the police.