Si Thammarat 'Weird' Coconut Attracts Lotto Hunters

(9 June) Latest hint of
winning lottery number for the next round of drawing could probably be found in a coconut in Nakorn
Si Thammarat province.

The bright green coconut is being displayed from a small altar at
Maheyong Temple, Tha Sala district, where locals crowded to witness what they described as a
miraculous fruit. The coconut is around 20 centimeter long with 15-20 centimeter

What drew the locals? attention is their shape: instead of a sphere, the green
coconut grew into 3 oblong parts. Locals say it looks like banana while others are convinced it
looks like ivories. Nonetheless, lotto hunters pray to the coconut, hoping it would bring lucky
numbers. Meanwhile, some lotto vendors hawk their tickets to riches around the