Drunken Man 'Drowned' By Rain Puddle

September) A drunken man was reportedly drowned to his death in a rain puddle after he became
unconscious when the rainwater level started to rise.

The body of Mr. Anusorn (surname
unclear) was found at a marble table inside the compound of a school in Samut Prakarn Province. His
body was half-seated on the stool, while his head drooped down to the floor which was filled with
20-30 centimetres deep rainwater.

A witness told police the dead man was a construction
worker in the nearby area. He was spotted drinking at the table alone the night before. It had been
raining heavily last night, the witness said, and she only found the dead body of Mr. Anusorn later
in the day.

Police believe Mr. Anusorn was so intoxicated he fell asleep with his head to the
ground, and he was still unconscious when it started to rain heavily, flooding the ground around
him, which caused him to drown.

However, the police have sent his body to be examined to
establish the clear cause of death.