Bangkok Police Unveil 'Online Complaint' Service

Pol. Maj.Gen. Adul Narongsak

(20 September) The
Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau has announced plans for an online service which would allow
citizens to file reports to the police conveniently from their home.

Pol. Maj.Gen. Adul
Narongsak, Deputy Director of Metropolitan Police said in a press conference yesterday that the
public would be encouraged to submit notifications and other documents about incidents to the
police, in order to avoid extra costs from travelling and processing paper

The Director of Metropolitan
Police, Pol.Lt.Gen.Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, also agreed with the plan and had encouraged many
officials to learn about the plan, Pol.Maj.Gen. Adul said.

So far, after the police
discussed the plan’s objective with electro-technicians, 80% of the plan has now been
 completed, according to the officer. He added that the team will soon discuss about the budget
and  training for officials involved. The police are expected to adopt the online notification
service by next budget year.


 “88 police stations in Bangkok Metropolis area will run
?online stations? of their own” said Pol.Maj.Gen.Adul, “The online gadget will allow public to
access notification and complaint submissions, fine payment, document transaction, e-library,
e-learning, games, e-investigation, and station contact.”

“Moreover, in terms of lawsuit
submission, instead of the paperworks the police will just send all the relevant data via electronic
forms to prosecutors right away, which should make the whole process progress faster and more
economical” he added.

The Deputy Director also explained that the Bureau is working on
“Miracle Eyes”, a project to install 1 million CCTV cameras all over the capital city which would be
operated by the police and paid for by the building owners.

The pilot phase, expected to
begin in October under the collaboration between TOT Corporations and the police, has had 500
participants signing up so far. The number of participants is expected to rise to 100,000 in the
first year.


Moreover, the police are considering a plan to sign contracts with Kasikorn Bank
and a number of shops which would see CCTV installed at the bank′s branches, pawn shops, and petrol

The CCTV packages are provided in 3 types; (1) S-type, in which 1-3 cameras are
installed to individual houses. The package cost 300 baht/month, (2) M-type, which should cost 750
baht/month for 4-10 cameras installment at banks, petrol stations, and other business building and
(3) L-type, which 11-100 cameras are attached to schools, universities and
The L-type
package would cost the venue owners about 1,500 – 2,000 baht/month. 

According to the officer, all CCTV cameras
will be connected to its central database at Metropolitan Police. In case of emergency, text
messages will be sent to registered numbers to alert the venue owners.

Pol.Maj.Gen. Adul told our correspondent the project would be
official unveiled in a ceremony this November. “Then, we will start the installation of the CCTV,
and provide full services immediately.”

“The system is expected to provide better security
for people 24 hours a day” the Deputy Director added.