'Rapist' Ex-Policeman Kidnaps, Murders His Victim

(23 September) A
disgraced former police officer had kidnapped a woman who filed rape charge against him, and later
shot her and subsequently himself to death after engaging in a high-speed pursuit with the police.

A 14
year old boy was also killed during the cars chase.

The police were first alerted by the
family of Ms. Supawadee Sukjaras, 58, who told the officers she had been ambushed and kidnapped by
Mr. Somboon Nooraksa who had been lurking in front of her house.


Ms. Supawadee, a teacher,
had previously accused Mr. Somboon, who was serving as a Police Sergeant at the time, of raping her.
The Criminal Court had found the suspect guilty as charged, and he was subsequently given a
dishonourable discharge from the ranks by the police force.

Mr. Somboon contested the charge,
but the Appeals Court affirmed the lower court′s ruling. The case was being deliberated by the
Supreme Court, Ms. Supawadee′s family said, when the defendant tried to negotiate with Ms. Supawadee
to have her withdraw the charge, but the woman refused to do so.

After receiving the call
from Ms. Supawadee′s family, the police attempted to intercept Mr. Somboon. However, Mr. Somboon
managed to elude the officers by switching his license plate; the police believed he was listening
to the police radio frequency to keep track with the officers? operation.

With the police hot
on his trail, Mr. Somboon drove through many Districts before he ended up crashing into a 14 year
old boy who was riding his motorcycle in Prachuab Kiri Khan Province. The boy died at the scene,
while Mr. Somboon′s car was badly damaged.

Sensing that the chase was now over, Mr. Somboon
then shot Ms. Supawadee in her forehead and her chest before turning the gun on himself, according
to witnesses.


Mr. Somboon died of the gunshot wound on the way to

Pol.Col. Witipoj Pojanakom, commander of Bang Saphan District in the province, said
Mr. Somboon would still be charged posthumously with murders per Thai laws.