Zoo Staff Chase Man in Tiger Suit With Sticks (Photos)


BANGKOK — It was a hectic day Friday at Dusit Zoo when a tiger escaped its cage and a tourist fell into the black bear enclosure.

With the hungry bear perched just above, staff sought to rescue the helpless guest floating in a moat inside the nearly 80-year-old zoo, better known locally as Khao Din.

Elsewhere, staff wielded bamboo poles, nets and tranquilizer guns to subdue a tiger which had won its freedom from captivity.


The exercises were drills to prepare for incidents such as guests falling into exhibits – as famously led to killing an endangered gorilla in the United States last month – or dangerous residents getting loose, zoo director Sumet Kamonnoranat said.

Staff showed off their first aid and animal wrangling skills, ultimately rescuing the men from both “bear” and “tiger.”

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