Ubolratana Speaks Out to Thank Nation For ‘Love and Kindness’

Ubolratana Mahidol's Saturday morning Instagram post.
Ubolratana Mahidol's Saturday morning Instagram post.

BANGKOK — Forbidden from running for office by the king less than 14 hours after announcing her candidacy, Ubolratana Mahidol thanked the public Saturday morning in an online message.

Ubolratana, the late king’s daughter who was nominated to be prime minister by a political party yesterday, reiterated her desire to see the nation move forward in a message headed “Thanks ka” that was posted to her private Instagram account at 7am.

“[I] would like to thank all Thais for their love and kindness over the past day. And I thank you for your moral support, and for support always. Nevertheless, let me sincerely say thanks again, and say I wish to see Thailand move forward to be admired and accepted by the international community.”

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She became the first royal to seek public office in a morning announcement that roiled the political class and threatened to remake the political landscape going into next month’s election.

But her candidacy appeared ended just before 11pm when His Majesty the King issued a royal command broadcast on all TV stations that her actions were inappropriate and unconstitutional. The statement appears to have ended her very brief bid to become prime minister.


A planned Thai Raksa Chart campaign event scheduled for this afternoon in Bangkok’s Sathorn Road area has been canceled without explanation.

“I wish all Thais have rights and opportunities, are well off and happy,” Ubolratana wrote in her Saturday morning post. “I thank you with my sincere love – all people. I wish you all happiness and luck. #ILoveYou.”

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