Smart Visa Holders May Have Side Hustles: Cabinet

BANGKOK — High-earning expats holding four-year professional visas could soon do other jobs outside their fields without needing a work permit.

The interim cabinet on Tuesday approved a proposal to allow any foreigner holding a valid Smart Visa – exclusive to those earning more than 200,000 baht monthly in specialized industries – to do other work without a permit issued by the Labor Ministry, government spokesman Lt. Gen. Werachon Sukondhapatipak said.

The four-year professional visa, which launched in February 2018, has been offered to those working in fields such as medical tourism, biotech and robotics. Children over 18 and spouses in Thailand for at least a year can also work without a permit.

In the first eight months it was available, 28 of 37 applicants managed to obtain the visa, according to the Board of Investment.



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