Message of Love and Unity for Songkran From Junta Leader

Image: Prayut Official / Facebook
Image: Prayut Official / Facebook

BANGKOK — Junta leader Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha sent Thai New Year greetings asking people to unite to build the nation.

“Songkran falls on April 13, which is also considered the Day of the Elderly. Additionally, April 14 is also Family Day. I would like to ask all families to care for one another, be it both fathers and mothers, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers. To love and respect one another is a demonstration of filial piety, which is a Thai charm that can no longer be found elsewhere in the world,” said Prayuth in a message released on social media on Friday.

The message came with a photo of Prayuth prostrating while wearing a yellow floral shirt and garland. He also emphasized his wish that all Thais be united.

“I would like to call upon all Thais to unite in love and strength and to turn this into a power for nation-building, to walk forward securely and sustainably,” said Prayuth, who made himself prime minister after the May 2014 coup.