Palace Releases HM Queen’s Official Portraits

BANGKOK — The Royal Household Bureau on Friday published official portraits of the newly-enthroned Her Majesty the Queen.

The 20 pictures depict Queen Suthida in multiple outfits, from royal guard to army and even a pilot uniform. Government agencies and members of the public are welcome to use the photos in activities honoring the royal family, the palace said.


Since King Vajiralongkorn married Suthida and named her a queen on May 1, the royal palace has moved to elevate the Queen to a revered stature equivalent to His Majesty the King.

On May 10, the palace instructed the media to use rajasap, or royal court language, when reporting about Queen Suthida as is typical for other members of the royal family.


Earlier this week the government also designated Queen Suthida’s birthday – June 3 – as a public holiday.